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All of Indonesia's Territory is a Conservation Area




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Kerakyatan (KP-SHK) or Supporting
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Intergovern' Panel on Forests (IPF)
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BORN 2 April 1964 in Tapanuli Utara, North Sumatra Province, Abdon Nababan serves as Telapak's Executive Director for 1996-1998 period. In the early year of Telapak Indonesia, Abdon Nababan, as an Executing Staff, coordinated the foundation's institutional development and managed the foundation's programs related to sustainable and equitable natural resources management.

Prior to his serving as Executive Director of Telapak Indonesia, Abdon Nababan has been active in Sejati Foundation (which he was also a founder, 1993-1996), WALHI (Coordinator of the Forest Working Group, 1991-1993), and also served a three-month internship on forest campaigning and advocacy at Greenpeace USA (1992). From May to October 1996 Abdon Nababan worked with DR. Charles Barber of WRI and a team of local researchers to carry out an evaluation of forest and conservation issues in the Leuser Ecosystem on northern Sumatra for the WWF/Indonesia Program, that include an evaluation of WWF's program in that region.

Along those activities, during the last 5 years, Abdon Nababan has actively write and publish various papers and articles on natural resource management issues, especially related to indigenous people struggle in Indonesia. Some have been presented in many national and international seminars and conferences in which he participated in as presenter, reviewer, or just participant. His last publication (due to be published on 1997 as a WRI policy research report) on forest and conservation issues in the Leuser Ecosystem of northern Sumatra, is co-authored by Charles Barber of WRI. The forthcoming publication is the result of Nababan and Barber's work with a team of international and local researchers to carry out an evaluation of forest and conservation issues in the Leuser Ecosystem of northern Sumatra.

Abdon leads a solid team of 8 activists in Telapak Indonesia, they are Arbi Valentinus (Information and Network Coordinator), A. Ruwindrijarto (Program Coordinator for the Last Forest Frontier Initiative), Rina Agustine (Forest Certification Specialist), Hapsoro (Javan Hawk-Eagle Conservation Project Coordinator), Lisken Situmorang (Office Manager), Alexius Tege (Chief of Enviromental Campaign Media), Hermanto Ray Efendi (Program Coordinator for the Local Enterprises) and M. Imran Amin (Program Coordinator for Marine and Coastal Issues). The mana-gement is also supported by an administration and financial officer.



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