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Saving The Last Forest of Java

JAVAN RAINFOREST has been decreasing in terms of areas and quality. The last Javan rainforests are very fragmented and located in several protected areas and nature reserves. This has been due to the vast industrialization, in-migration and other land conversion activities conducted since the beginning of the century. Most threateningly, that remaining forest serves as sanctuary for some very rare and unique Javan wildlife species, including the most endangered birds of prey in the world, Javan Hawk-Eagle. Therefore, in order to preserve the species one must preserve the Javan rainforest ecosystem as its habitat.

Javan Hawk-Eagle (Spizaetus bartelsi) is one of the rarest bird which has arouse concern on its ever decline population in line with the decrease of forest forage in Java. Ornithologists even say that this endemic of Java bird is "one of the rain forest eagle" in Indonesia. The term corresponds to the bird's dependency on intact natural forest. But on the other hand, information on biology and ecology of the eagle has been very limited, for it's still a mystery even for bird researchers. This has contributed to the reluctance of this species conservation effort, if there is any.

On the other hand, the more endangered and rare the eagle has become has not been responded by wildlife community's awareness. The occurrences of this eagle's illegal trading give evidences of this. The Declaration of this bird as "National Wildlife" and looks upon as Garuda Bird by President Suharto has extends the bird's possessing pride. Even The Government of Indonesia, i.e., Department of Forestry and Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation (PHPA), still could not reveal this illegal trade, which has led to even more difficult to conduct Javan Hawk Eagle conservation effort.

Telapak sees that this Javan Hawk-Eagle Conservation Project will be a key entry component to the conservation of the Last Forest of Java. Started in the early of 1997, the project has already gathered some supports from local NGOs and helped promote a National Recovery Plan, working together with the Ministry of Forestry, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, BirdLife International and the Flora Fauna International.



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