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All of Indonesia's Territory is a Conservation Area




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Forum LSM untuk Konservasi

Keanekaragaman Hayati Berdimensi
Konsorsium Pendukung Sistem Hutan
Kerakyatan (KP-SHK) or Supporting
Consortium for Community-based
Forest Management System
Jaringan Kerja Pemetaan Partisipatif
(JKPP) or Network for Participatory
Jaringan Pembelaan Hak-Hak
Masyarakat Adat
Jaring PELA
Jaringan Pesisir dan Laut



Avenir des Peuples des ForÍts
Biodiversity Conservation I-System
Biodiversity Information Network
Convention on Biological Diversity
FAO-UN: Forest, Trees and People
Traditional Resource Rights - (TRR)
Intergovern' Panel on Forests (IPF)
World Conservation Monitoring
World Resources Institute (WRI)

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Defending Indigenous People's Land and Sea

THE EXISTING POLICY and programs on forest management, utilization and conservation in Indonesia has been responsible for the extinction of sustainable customary/adat-based natural resource management systems and the ruination of economic systems and prosperity of indigenous/local people that for hundreds of years has been depended on forest for their daily and subsistence needs and cultural and spiritual fulfillment, in addition to the high rate of deforestation and biodiversity loss and degradation of ecological and hydro-orological function of forest. Today, even many many adat-based natural resource management systems have spiraled into unsustainability under pressures of local population dynamics, new immigrants, introduction of new markets and technologies, and growing local demands for cash income. It should also be noted that at the very near future some indigenous peoples will solitarily have to deal with gigantic threats and pressures, just like the indigenous peoples in Memberamo Basin, Irian Jaya, will likely be the first and most victim of a mega hydro-power and dam development plan.

Facing the continuing trend of problems, many indigenous peoples and communities have initiated efforts and institutions to maintain the wisdom of indigenous natural resource management and empowering local adat customary laws. Some of them are: Lembaga Bela Banua Talino (LBBT) and Institute for Dayakology Research and Development (IDRD) in Kalimantan; Yayasan Tanah Merdeka (YTM) and Yayasan Bantuan Hukum Bantaya (YBH Bantaya) in Sulawesi; Yayasan ASLI, Baileo Maluku, Yayasan Learissa Kayeli, and Yayasan Pengembangan Maur Ohoi-wut (YPMO) in Maluku; Yayasan Kerjasama Pendidikan Hukum Masyarakat Irian Jaya (YKPHM), Asosiasi Lembaga Ekonomi Rakyat in Moanemani, Yayasan Bina Adat Walesi in Irian Jaya, and many others. The last several years have also seen NGOs network and consortium on indigenous or community-based natural resource management empowerment, i.e., Konsorsium Pendukung Sistem Hutan Kerakyatan (KP-SHK) or Supporting Consortium for Community-based Forest Management System, and Jaringan Kerja Pemetaan Partisipatif (JKPP) or Network for Participatory Mapping.

It is in this aspect that Telapak Indonesia have been working on, that is to confront some of the barriers facing by those organizations, that is to specifically work in facilitating information and data exchanging and enhancing information base and access to information for institutions and communities working on indigenous rights on natural resource, in order to enable them to work synergistically and effectively towards sustainable and equitable forest management system. A small part of the project will be dedicated to a preliminary assessment on problems and threats facing the indigenous natural resource management in Memberamo Basin, Irian Jaya, in order to gather information bases and build contacts with the community.

Telapak aims to facilitate information exchanging within institutions and communities and provide technical and managerial support for the indigenous people movement in Indonesia in working for strengthening indigenous natural resource management system. A special activity in the project will conduct a preliminary assessment on threats and opportunity facing the indigenous people in Memberamo Basin, Irian Jaya; an activity that will provide base information and build contacts from and within the community.



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